Feta Zucchini Medallions

Feta Zucchini Medallions with a Lemon Yogurt Sauce.
?? >> i can’t them, i’m still happy. these days, you hear about more and more adults and children who for a variety of reasons are faced with the chalwilenge of eating 49. chech rob landolphi is the author of “gluten-free every day”, a new cookbook. >> thank you very much. >> what is gluten? >> gluten is a protein that, found in wheat, barley and oats oats so anyone with the diseasese has to avoid gluten in anything they eat. >> what are some things that would make you think you’re having problems? >> there are so many symptoms, could be hair loss, numbness in your fingers and toes, rashes, it goes on and on. in the past they thought people had lyme disease and so on. today it is easie r, they look at genes, there is a blood test, a saliva test so i is easier to test it at younger ages. >> buck to the doctor and be tested for that. what are we making today? >> we will make feta zucchini



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