Festive, Fruity Cocktails

Festive, fruity cocktails
refreshers. take a look. >> spring is finally here, and that means warmer temperatures and a nice, refreshing drink. >> yes. get rid of those winter doll drdrums — doldrums and have a sprik awakening. take the frozen melon bals, bone honeydew and cantaloupe. they’ve been soaking in cointreau and frozen. this’ll serve also as the ice for the cocktail. ounce and half of vodka. just plain, old, ordinary vodka. and then we’re going to add a little bit of melon electric cure. again, any brand is good. >> that’s going to make it sweet. >> very sweet and fresh and melony. a little bit of triple sec or cointreau. that is going to be the base of the drink. we’re going to shake it up. look at the color. we love that. it’s really god, nice and frothy. and you of course will do the honors of pouring that in. >> i’m the official pourer. >> you are the official pourer. that is perfect. and then we’re



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