Festival Foods Nachos

game day nachos from chef matt winters
>> welcome back. today’s show is all about get you go ready for that little football game on sunday. seems like everyone’s making a big deal about it. how often do the packers take on the bears in the n.f.c. championship game? you got to go out for this one. this is matt. great to see you. >> great to be here. >> all of the folks at festival, green and gold fever, all decked out. >> all the way. >> all the democrats are trying to outdo each other. >> it’s a friendly competition. everybody’s trying to one-up eacher. >> winter’s long, when the team’s winning, go with it, have fun with it. >> exactly. >> you talked about nachos. they are a great munchy. you can keep bringing them out. they’re a wow factor. >> it’s a way to get everyone around the table all at once. if you’re all digging into the same plate, you’r friends by the end. >> i totally agree. get out the napkins, we’ll have fun. w



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