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packers goodies from festival foods
pack. >> just some fun stuff to keep you busy before the big game. back in the kitchen with chef matt. matt hit festival this morning and found some great stuff that you don’t to have bake or cook a thing. i’m a big believer if you’re invited to somebody’s party and you ask them what should i bring and they say nothing, you still to have brisk something. >> you to have bring something. it’s bad etiquette not to bring something. >> have fun with it. don’t come empty handed! even if people you to, they’re just being polite. let’s start with the deli. you were talking earlier about how everybody in the different departments are going crazy at festival with fun stuff. >> we have two salsas, black bean and cob and a pico de gall a.j. everybody is going rave about it, and you’re going to see thank you very much. >> wings. a lot of festivals have wing bars. >> we have a buffalo wing bar. we usu



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