A celebration of beer tasting
>>> pete watson is here. we have to say theull name? is there some sort of official way to say it, buffalo wild wings. >> yeah. b-ws is fine. >> lots of great stuff to drink, lots of great stuff to eat. no excuses necessary. >> we’ve got over 10 restaurants, over 150 microand local craft beers. kudova is there, hot box pizza is there, yatz is there. sun king microbrewery. >> we love those guys. but it’s pretty much one price buys everything, all the food you can drink, all the beer you can drink. >> and it’s all for the cause of cystic fibrosis and the foundation. i think cystic fibrosis is something everybody has made heard of, but people don’t know a lot about it. >> it’s somewhat of an or fan disease, they call it. it affects about 30,000 people nationwide and it’s due in large part to events like this that fund our research. because if we’re out there curing cancer and these drugs co



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