Ferrante Winery Awards

Ferrante Winery awards
>>> you don’t have to travel to napa valley for an award winning bottle of wine. as gary abe re ham reports, ferrante winery is celebrating several vino victories. >> reporter: near the shores of lake erie in ashtabula county there is a new gold rush. move over california, ferrantes winery in geneva has something to brag about. >> we just won three gold medals, one was for the pino grapheeshia and our individual blank. the pino grigio won the best white wine. >> reporter: all judges must determine the wine as gold. >> people know us for our whites. we’re a cool climate. so people are finding out that we make some really nice wines and they are affordable. >> reporter: the white wine was one of 236 entries to the competition from around the state. >> i tried some new wine which is very, very nice. spicy, floral, very good. i can’t pronounce the name. i’m not sure how to do that. >> porter



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