Feb. 13 – Chèvre Stuffed Mushrooms Balsamico

2/13/11 – Tasty mushroom caps with cheese and a crispy crumb topping, a fabulous first course with greens or drizzled with Tony’s Marinara or Vodka sauce.
>>welcome back. we’re here with chef mick rosacci…from “tony’s market”…with some ideas for your valentine. on the menu now…stuffed mushrooms. > > in need have flowers and candles an appetizer and some wine. these are necessities for a good valentine’s dinner. i took the stems out of the mushrooms and chopped them off. i will dip these mushrooms and balsamic vinegar. it is very simple. i will take a little bit of cheese here. i wil spread this on top but you can use our regular chef log a. i like they’re really right cheese’s really ripe cheese. i have some cheese i’m going to sprinkle on here and then put this in the oven. balsamic vinegar mushroom a piece of cheese and some bread crumbs on top and i put this in the oven. we are watching to see how brown we can get them on top. i am going to put this on some chopped greens. this would be like a first course salad. this is very simp



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