FDA Issues Nationwide Egg Recall

FDA issues nationwide egg recall
shoppers are checking their refrigerators for eggs that might be contaminated with salmonella news channel 5’s ro norman went on an “egg hunt” d found one brand of eggs that was listed in the recall. << the fda issuing a voluntary recall of 228 million eggs. the recall affects eggs sold under 13 different brands including dutch farms which is sold in walgreens stores. i’m concerned because i have children too and i know a lot of children like to eat eggs too the recall affects eggs produced in iowa by wright county egg…which distributes its eggs to wholesalers, distribution centers and food service companies nationwide. the concern is they may be contaminated with salmonella. according to the recall, the eggs look safe on the outside but what is on the inside can make you sick. i was going to buy some, i’ll be honest with you but if they are tainted i don’t need it even if its fo



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