Fda Food Safety

fda food safety
of raw cookie dough collected at a nestle usa manufacturing plant last week… has tested positive for e. coli. 22news went to a meat processor in chicopee to see what guidelines they follow tino make sure their product is safe to eat. ea”its sickening when you see something that happened oug t west…thappened with swift…that’s a rarity. the same with the cookie dough…its a rarity…it’s embarrassing. that’s larry katz from arnold’s mernats in chicopee talking about absome of the latest food recalls. he knowss. how important trust is to his customers. “it’s very important to me and my family’s health. i have confidence in the places that i shop. and i have faith that i they have measures in place that are necessary.” “its all about trust bealtween consumers and the storume they buy their products from. when it comes to meat and poultry…there is a system in place that can track it



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