Favorite Wines

five favorite wines of red and white
wines, could be your favorites. >> we’re going to start with a mar cheti, an italian wine. there is only about 900 cases of this made. they do a flour press, rerun juice where they take it and the weight from the grapes presses out and they use that very little bit of juice to make a very fine bottle of wine. very pure. it has a citrus mineral malt to it. you can mineral on your tongue. this is excellent with seafood, one of my favorite italian wines. next, the the new zealand blank. it’s very medium bodied, medium acidity. great white sovian blanc. i’m going to move on to my favorite bubble. this is a ken wood champagne from the sonoma valley. there is citrus, pear, peach, a combination of grapes. used to make this. there is a chenen blanc, a pinot grigio and chardnia. this is great with spicey foods or berry desserts. moving to red, this is the boxer, this one is a cheers, an excellent



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