Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Favorite kitchen gadgets
for the twinkie recipe. >>> the busy lifestyles we all lead make it nearly impossible to prepare great meals. chef diane has brought her favorite kitchen gag either that will help get the food on the table fast and have your sanity intact. these are your favorite gadgets or others that you’ve heard about? >> i just love gadgets. we have my top ten. >> saves time in the kitchen. >> and make healthy foods. >> the first is a hand held lemon squeezer. >> citrus juicer. you put the lemon or lime in upside down. a lot of people put it in the other way. press down and squeeze nice and hard. that’s a lime. you know how hard it is to get the juice out of a lime. >> a lot of people leave half of it in there. >> absolutely. s to it out. >> you can use that with a lot of things. >> oh, my gosh. lemon and lime and orange at a wonderful flavor to sauces and dressings and marinades without extra calori



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