Fava Tea Company

warm up with a great cup of tea
sorts of wonderful teas that will warm you up here. >> here we have endless gift ideas to make the holiday comfy and cozy for all the loved ones on your list. one of the things we’re going to highlight is our chai concentrate. i’ve poured it in a glass. i had some eggnog at home, so i’m going to go ahead and froth the eggnog. i’ve warmed this up also. in the microwave, a cple of seconds each. i think maybe 20, 30 seconds each. get a nice froth on this eggnog. and i use eggnog simply because that’s what i had at home. but your options are endless with the concentrate. you can use soy milk, you can use regular milk, you can use whatever you would like. but this is such an awesome drink. it’s fair trade certified. it’s organic. it’s got the perfect blend of spicey, sweet, naturally sweet, of course. actually carol, one of my coworkers, our chai drinker. she would say that it’s in the lose a



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