Fatty Foods

(WTNH) — A look at some of the highest calorie, highest fat content foods in the USA.
every state has its food favorites — sometimes they’re healthy, sometimes they’re not. but let’s face it, the naughty ones arhte more fun — e but those high-calorie, ie high-fat foods canhi dsbe a diet b disaster. health-dot com.. ca me up with a list.me here are a few…arfe south carolina ut has something called.. turducken -n – which is chicken wh and duck stuffed in a s turkeed georgia has the geluther burger — a bacon-cheese burger with two krispy kreme donuts for bread. colorado has a 7-pound breakfast st burrito called the ca jack-n-grill. and connecticut has a two foot hot- dog from doogie’s in newington — which has 24 grams s of fat.. not including the chili.. cheese.. and oth er potential toppings. if you’re just joing us… we’ll get you up-to-date on u the morning’s top stories in st just a few minutes.ewutplus.. we may be on the vergmae of another recall from toyota. the



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