Father’s Day Feast

Wegmans’ Chef Edd Hite shows how easy it is to make a tasty burger perfect for any dad for a Father’s Day Feast.
how are you doing? >> i’m good. >> father’s day coming up. >> we’re doing a mushroom swiss burger here today. i already have the ingredients mixed in. we have a little bit of mixed exotic mushrooms, add a little culture to us, little cheese, a fancy swiss chees any swiss cheese you want to use would be fine. what we did, mushrooms and garlic, put that in the mix. we’re going to mix it together. the secret to a good burger is you don’t really want to manhandle the mixture here. youant to lightly use your fingertips, keep it light and fluffy. >> don’t want to really compact it. real good signature uh, nice juicy burger is to actually just kind of make a nice round patty. a lot of people want to smash it and make it flat, the secret to keep it nice and juicy is keep it nice and round. what you’re going to do, on the website it’s a grill, but we’re inside, so you can do this with a saute pan



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