Fat Lady Peach Cake

Steven Fries prepares a delicious dessert
superstars like paula deen, rachel ray.. and emeril…have ‘more’ people dreaming of a career in the food world..our next guest, stephenie fries says a lot of people want to know how how to turn their love of food into a career.and he joins me now with some advice as well as a delicious recipe.welcome back stephen… what are we making today? funny name..tell us the story behind this recipe…it’s from where you grew up? let’s get started….—you recently wrote a column about culinary careers…what advice do you have for people that want to turn their love of food into a to career? — what are some of the unique type of jobs out there…what are some of the books you recommend….if you want this recipe just come to our website…or if you nt a link to stephen’s recommended de reading for culinary careers…we’ll have the link for you as well…. stephen thanks for being here… comi



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