Fat Drug Like Addiction

peopl emay be addicted to being fat
22news reporter jackie brousseau explains why you could be physically addicted to fatty foods. bob osterhout believes there is something to the idea that fat foods are addictive. i was for years…i was just in a bad habit when i went home in the evening and i’d have pepperoni and cheese before i’d have my lunch. now, there might be some science behind it…a recent study in the journal, ‘nature neuroscience’ shows high fat, high calorie foods have the same impact on the brains of rats as cocaine and heroin…two highly addictive drugs. when they fed them diets condense in calories and fat, they saw some of the same patterns they did in rats who were addicted to cocaine. dr. roy sittig from baystate medical center has studied how cocaine affects rats and understds the impact of addiction. the nature of addiction is it takes more and more of the substances to produce the same effect. some



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