Fast Food Salads

Fast food salads
>>> nutritionist and author of the o 2 diet, kerri glassman, is here to show us the smart choices to make when buying a salad. shop smart put all the salads to the test. we’ll show you the ones that not only taste great but are better for you, too. not all salads are created equally. >> you can go into mcdonald’s and order a salad that’s double the amount of calories than just ordering a plain old burger. >> wow. >> that doesn’t mean we should forego salad for burgers all the time. there are healthy salad options at all fast-food restaurants. >> panera has so many great salads and sand witches, but some seem kind of high in calories. the first we have here is actually the barbecued chopped chicken salad, 350 calories. >> but that does not include the dressing. >> that’s the best part. >> tasters testers did say, because of that barbecue sauce, you actually don’t even need the dressing. >



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