Fast Food On A Budget And Within A Diet

What are the best options in the fast food marketplace to stay under a budget and within diet?
90s THROUGH THE WEEKEND AND into next week. pretty consistent from saturday on out. >>> well it is quick and cheap and often packed with calories too. we are talking about the drive- thru. we are all used it when we are in a hurry and hungry. it can be healthy if you know what to order. >> and only on abc 15, chris powell for abc’s extreme makeover weight loss edition is sharing top choices by taken susan casper and the rest of us out for a meal. >> it is like the blue print to our body. >> this is chris powell from extreme make over weight loss edition. he took me to lunch for the most affordable fast food meals. the first stop is chick-fil-a. >> here for just over $6.50, the charbroiled chicken sandwich meal with unsweetened tea. >> 300 plus calories for her. whether you are ordering, also get croutons and dressings and sauce on the side. >> and another great option is the garden salad



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