Fast And Fancy Feasts

How to relax and still have a fabulous holiday feast.
>> all right, we’ve talked about the giftsor christmas, but what about the food. do you stress about making it perfectly perfect? i mean, you have the morning, breakfast, you have the dinner. okay, we’re going to help you destress right now. christina vane is here, award winning cook and food writer. you have breakfast to appetizers, salad. >> everything is super simple. all about a stress-free holiday. >> that’s what you want, you’re entertaining, but you want to have fun. >> exactly. >> and this cuts down your time on a lot of these things. >> exactly. you were saying with breakfast, if you have a house full of guests, make big family dinners, you forget they are staying overnight. so here’s a fun idea, homemade breakfast sandwich. just a little bit of eggs, cheese, sausage patties, i like these from johnsonville. having ther these on hand is verse till. versatile. you can put them in



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