Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s market
boys and girls had a chance to put their taste buds to the test and in a very colorful way. 10 on your side’s art kohn explains. (sound of kids saying “thank you”) if i hadn’t seen it for myself i might never have believed it. kids lining up for a chance to taste vegetables. and they’re excited about it. (c09 7:43:23) student: “oh this smells good.” teacher: “thai’s a jicama. i bet you’re going to get to the clas and say oh that was good.” of course selling kids on the virtues of vegetables is not always easy so it helps to be creative, and like anything else, presentation is everything. (c05 212:23) “have you guys ever seen purple potatoes before? this is made from a special potato called the delta blue.” (c06 4:02:17) “who can tell me what color this is?” kids: “green” these crafty nutrition educators are catering to the natural atraction kids have to cool colors by introducing them to



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