Farm-to-Table Cooking

Chef Nick Stellino talks about the farm-fresh cooking trends and gives us tips on how to bring this trend to your table!
>> and farm cooking it is about using locally grown produce and we are joined now with tips good tow see you. >> it is a pleasure to be here. thanks, mary. >> it is hard to look at this as a trend. why is it so popular these days? >> we need to support our local farmers and you shouldn’t support it because you have to support it it is because the produce works better and if it is pick in the field today and then brought to market and the next evening it is on your table and we mix this with fresh carrots and ginger and it is put into a super bowl and we drizzle and top it with a little extra virgin olive oil to give it an extra kick. >> that looks tasty clearly perfect for this time of year. do you have any other ingredients for dishes? >> he why. let’s talk about meat. meat is seasonal in that it is perfect for pork for fall is one of the chosen meats. what we had done is take taken the



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