Farm To School

Getting your children to eat healthful foods isn’t always an easy task. But some schools are trying to offer some help. “Farm to School” works to put more local foods on students’ lunch trays. Kathie Starkweather with the Center for Rural Affairs says the program is designed to help kids understand where their food comes from and spur the local economy by supporting local farmers and ranchers. She says it also means tastier, fresher produce on the plate. (Kathie Starkweather / Center for Rural Affairs) “Our food travels over 1500 miles on average to get to us. And by the time it gets to us it’s not picked at the best point where the nutrition is the most high. The taste isn’t as good as when you pick it when it is ready to be picked and use it immediately. So those are things that, when you can do those kind of things and introduce those to kids, then they are more likely to want to eat that kind of food because they know how good it tastes.” A school garden, local veggie donations and some purchased produce have been used in Granville’s school menu for the past 5 years. Co-Head Cook Karla Thompson says they prep for 150 students daily. And Thompson says their students prefer the local fare. Thompson says they freeze some of the garden veggies like green beans and potatoes to enjoy during the winter months. You can learn more at farm to school dot org.



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