Farm Show Apples

Apples at the Farm Show
spotlight too, even the healthy stuff. cbs 21’s jaime meyers is with the dauphin county mobile newsroom in harrisburg to explain why one fruit is the perfect fit for the farm show. apples are 77 million dollar a year industry in pennsylvania. the diverse terrain is ideal for growing hundreds of different varieties of apples, some of which, you can sample at the farm show. taste the different varieties and see the different flavors. i think people don’t realize what kinds of varieties there are they’re also making sure people know the best place for your apples is in the refridgerator, they last longer and hold onto their antioxidants longer the keystone state is the fourth largest apple producer in the country, turning out about 440 million pounds of apples every year, so the farm show is an ideal place to show off the industry. it’s a great place to be able to teach the public about agr



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