Farm Fresh: Top 5 Springtime Foods

Farm Fresh: Top 5 springtime foods
all comments on the air. >> the longest winter has passed. a new season of food, food that is good for you. jennifer joins us now. thank you so much for coming back. >> thank you for having me. these are my five top five springtime food spirit we want to get rid of some of the excess weight we have been carrying around. the sun is coming out. what are some foods we can include to put some spring in our step? >> they are mostly green. green for spring. we start with broccoli. it could help in preventing certain cancers. it is rich in fiber and minerals. kids do love it, especially when you steam it with cheddar cheese. or raw. broccoli. the we will have power spring mix here. this is a mix of romaine and . they are great for springtime salads. you cannot include more greens such as this. >> it is already in a package. you do not need to pick and choose. >> it is triple wash. you cannot st



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