Farm Eggs W/ Sunchokes And Mushrooms

We’re cooking native farm eggs at 143.6° with sunchokes, foraged mushrooms and mushroom broth with Chef Champe Speidel of Persimmon.
october 8. >> let’s go over to the kitchen right now. patrick little, what have l youe, got? >> >> we’re with chef champ spy ded from newport restaurant. welcome to the show.ho >> thank you.nk >> we do a lot of dinnerin foods on this show,w, at 8:00 a.m. in0 theth morning, but this is bua nice change of pace for uges thats are still thinking aboutth eating something that ithsn’t steak or fish. it’s eggs. e >> it’s eggs, but it is m iore of a savory application, not a sweet — you ceeould technically hn have it forr breakfast, but it’s, b more like an appetizer,ti good way to pique your curiosity for a bigger meal. a lot of intense flavors, it’s a neat technique. springtime isng i here, so we have beautiful morel mushrooms. >> you have a lot of things thalot i’ve never seen bei’fore. >> as cook, you’re really excited when this comes up. excited for anything green. we have some great sunch



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