Fan Food

Butler Chef Scott Tope puts the finishing touches on a fan favorite, hot wings.
>> buldogs taking on the blue devils. pizza planner is faking your financial — taking your financial questions right now. it’s on indystyle.tv. we appreciate chef tope coming in this morning from butler university. you gave me a look when i brought that up. >> work sworn to secrecy. >> we feed them a special meal. and that’s all it’s going to be called. duke is watching. >> but, you can tell us — you could have thrown out a bogus recipe. >> they get steak and lobster. heavy pasta. tap a keg for them. >> no, not to do. >> let’s talk about what’s going on today in our kitchen. >> we’re going to bring up chicken wings and talk about sauce on chicken wings. we can do that. what we do for chicken wings, i like jack. >> we’re getting out of jack’s way. >> chicken wings. they are everybody thinks they grab that hot sauce that we have, throw it over the top and they are done. no. we have taken



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