Family Healthcast 1-24-11

A study looks at the importance of kids getting “catch-up” sleep on the weekend. Also, are there any gluten-free restaurants in CNY?
a good reason to let your children sleep in on weekends. a study of more than three hundred children between the ages of four and ten finds most children average about eight hours. it’s less than what’s recommended, but they catch up on sleep on saturdays and sundays. with one exception, obese children. they got an average 15 to 20 minutes less sleep than children who were healthy- weight or just overweight. getting less sleep was associated with changes in cholesterol and insulin levels, which might mean children getting the least amount of sleep could be at increased health risk. the authors conclude that encouraging children to get more “catch-up” sleep on weekends could help stem rising obesity rates in the young. tonight’s food for thought was inspired by a question we got about gluten-free restaurants. robert from liverpool has a friend coming to visit “she has a gluten intolerance



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