Families Get Fired Up For Outdoor Cooking Season

Home Living Expert Has Some Surprising Results in the Grilling battle between Men and Women.
>>> families are getting fired up for grilling season and the time when men take center stage for cooking skills but doesn’t have to be the case. ladies can light up the grill, too, and just the same men can cook in the kitchen. life still expert leslie and team of food experts did a little cooking experts. were there any big surprises, leslie, to come out of this research? >> you know, we were realy surprised to find that men actually enjoy preparing the meals far more than women. it was 82% of the men over 75% of the ladies enjoy preparing a meal, and when it came to prep time guys were willing to spend 40 minutes or however long it will possibly take whereas the ladies were more like 40 minutes or less let me get this meal on the table. so it was interesting to find that guys are enjoying spending time in the kitchen and cooking outdoors. >> how important is the grill itself and how d



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