Fall River Clams Casino

We’re cooking Fall River Clams Casino with Nick Rabar from Chef 2 Go.
let’s head into the kitchen right now. vince. >> here we are in “the rhode show” kitchen. you may recognize this guy, rick rabar, he’s a cool dude and he has a new restaurant called chef 2 go. >> i’m out on my own. but i also have any new show. >> you have a show too. >> you have a show going, you have a new restaurant going, man, you’re taking some big chances. >> i’m trying, man. but i like to think that the food makes it a low risk venture. >> it’s a place to eat, people will come. >> so what’s going on? >> today, based on sort of a little homage to the new show, we kind of travel around rhode island, new england, find these awesome dining jewels that are tuck away and hidden and one of the places we visited was fall river. another place we did was sea river. fall river, clams casino. >> fall river clams casino. explain to me what that means. why is that different than any other clams



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