Fall In Love With Thai Food

The Thai restaurant started by a woman with no connection to Thailand who just fell in love with the food.
don’t e-mail me, by the way, i’m stressed out enough. >> well, have you ever loved a cuisine so much that you would be willing to open up your own restaurant. that’s what happened to one woman we met with thai food. here’s the story. david takes us inside. >> reporter: molly is actually a flour. it’s white. it’s a wonderful food and we’ve been here 23 years. i fell in love with the food in the late 70s. i felt it was so exclusive and beautiful. it deserved a setting that equaled the beauty of the food. there’s sort of two kinds of the food, there’s the street food and the entrees that we have, they’re considered special occasion and food of the royalty. you know, the thai’s don’t have kitchens like we have. they have cook tops and the food we have is special occasion food. you can eat it every day here. we had to have american style service, you know, you stand behind your product and yo



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