Fall Flavors At Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has recipes with your favorite fall flavors.
is celebrating fall. >> big b rolls on dunkin’ donuts new fall menu. stan, thank you for being here, welcome to the show. stan is the man. >> that couldn’t be more true. >> you really are. you are sort of one of thet creative minds at dunkin’ donuts headquarters coming up with new risk pees. recipes. s. and you’re helping us today to show us how to tcroeate fantastic recipes at home for tfhe holidays. . >> that allegation right. cooking at home with these flavors is simpler than ever. when you cook at home, that is what you’rewh looking for, a little help to be successful and that is what we’re trying to do here so we’re going to make dessert and chicken ditch. >> it is a trifle. >> it is a pumpkin trifle with cookie s and this dish is our entree, a pan roasted chicken breast with astn aple muffin stuffing. >> i need to learn how to make it to make sonia happy . >> we have a few things a



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