Fall Decorating Tips From The Grocer

Fall decorating tips from the grocer
designer warehouse. or we go into someone’s really nice home. hold this for me. i got this for fall. what’s this? >> i’m having a dinner party and i forgot to decorate my house. i’mhinking i can do it here. if you don’t mind i can teach you howo design your house for fall and also get my grocery shopping at the same time. >> i would love that. let’s do it. >> one of the best ways to bring fall in is impose the scent o fall the moment you walk in the door. the scented candles in fall tones, something spicy, something cinnamony, nova nil la, no tropical. something really warm. >> something that reminds them of fall like pumpkin. >> yes. next through their taste. let’s get some candy and nuts. this is one of the reasons i love this. you can count on them to have a container or two. we can fill these with nuts and things t.s a really inexpensive way to decorate and add color and texture. >>



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