Fall Apples Segment

Fall apples segment
he’s the apple of our eye today, here he is, dave of perdue produce. the guys from wegmans. look at the apples. it’s primetime for apples, right? >> apples have been coming in, fresh off the farm, haven’t been in refrigeration. they’re very healthy for you. very delicious eating. they’ve been around since the 1600s. they were brought over by the pilgrims. there’s over 8,000 different varieties of apples out there. >> is there a better apple than the honey crisp? >> no. as you guys will attest to. if you like a really sweet apple. honey crisps are the things to go after. >> you can’t go back after you eat a honey crisp. >> it’s really a preference what you like. some people like sweet, some people like a crunchy apple when they eat it. >> these are cooking apples aren’t they? >> empires. it depends on preference. empires are good for apple pies or tarts or something like that. they’re swe



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