Fairfield Green Food Guide

Analiese Paik chats with Ted about the Fairfield Green Food Guide
cream most likely comem s to mind.but when you think of buying homegrown local foods… does buying ice cream still m make that grocery list?my next guest says it better.. analiese paik is here now from the fairfield green food guide. we artalking about ice cream in a bit… but before we get there… you have a contest going on from your website? you’re trying to find america’s favorite farmers’ market. tell us s about that… the website info is ther e on the screen.. http://fairfield greenfoodguide.com so m so your site helps people buy local…stay fburesh..and now you’re focusing on ice cr eam. this is called the ll farmer’s cow ice cream.. why is it different from your typical supermarket ice cream. you have an event going on today in easton. for people looking to know where their food comes from there’s a lot to learn toda ay… right? for more. log onto our website at



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