Fairbanks Flavor: Potato Crabcakes

Air Date: November 18, 2010
chef tim at the westmark for this weeks fairbanks flavor tonight he’s cookign up potato crab cakes! chef tim>> chef tim here at the westmark kitchen today for fairbanks flavor. we’re going to be doing crab cakes. two of my favorite things lovely luscious mashed potatoes. i have some leftover mashed potatoes here. i like to use lots of butter and cream in mine. we’re just going to dig into this and make a mess. here we have this wonderful dungeonous crab, something that alaska has in abundance. dungeonous king, snow – we’re going to rip his lid off pull out the crabmeat. i like to do equal amounts of crab and mashed potato and you can find the recipe on webcenter11.com. just get in there and squish it around. you’re going to put in some tarragon. which is just lovely. lots of fresh chopped parsley. couple of fresh squeezes of lemon… oh you should smell it the tarragon and crab together



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