Fair – Serving Up Breakfast

Ask people to list why they like the fair and many would have food at the top of that list. But if you venture out most early mornings here you will struggle to find a place to eat. That doesn’t mean there are not any, of course! andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/perry-olsonandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;Perry Olsonandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; shows us how breakfast is served ‘Fair Style’. (Perry Olson – KX News) You can always find the normal fair food here andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/cornandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;Cornandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt; dogs nachos and carmel apples…but… (Perry Olson) andamp;quot;Get here early enough and you can have a real fair treat…how about biscuits and gravy? I highly recommend it!andamp;quot; (Lesli Getzlaff – Burlington) andamp;quot;Biscuits stick with you for a while and that way they have a good breakfast and they can go do their work for the day.andamp;quot; They are few and far between, but a couple vendors are open for breakfast. Here at The Wife’s Kitchen they serve those who are here early… (Lesli Getzlaff – Burlington) andamp;quot;We have the people from the barns who are up early and they have to have breakfast. andamp;quot; Carnival workers are also big spenders in the morning usually their big meal of the day. (Lesli) andamp;quot;And they take boxes of biscuits and gravy back to their camp.andamp;quot; Down the road it’s the Tubby’s stand that is hopping early in the morning. (Kent Johson – Tubby’s) andamp;quot;Oh yeah, they definitely like coming by and getting their sandwich and orange juice. Looking for a nice roll to start your day this is the place Tubby’s and The Wife’s Kitchen know it takes a little extra work to serve up a fair breakfast…but it is worth it… (Jeri Long – andamp;lt;a href=andamp;quot;http://www.kxnet.com/t/glenburnandamp;quot; class=andamp;quot;kxInlineLinkandamp;quot;andamp;gt;Glenburnandamp;lt;/aandamp;gt;) andamp;quot;People enjoy it. You are of course here to make money but it is fun to see everybody day after day.andamp;quot; And they are happy to start their day with a full stomach and maybe throw in some more traditional selections later in the day. At the Fair, Perry Olson, KX News.



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