Facebook / Ice Cream Break

More from our Facebook friends and Ice Cream trivia
staycation today but we are als celebrating ice cream. >> yes. >> what’s not to love about ice cream seriously? could we get anymore toppings than that? we wanted to know, we put on our facebook page, if you could create, what’s yours, if you could create your own flavor of ice cream. >> wild bill’s banana berry. >> what kind? >> i like blue berries, strawberries, blackberries, i like hale bery. >> candy at the front desk, i liked hers. we got several comments. candy at the front desk, who we love, margarita-flavored ice cream. and anything with potato chips and chocote in it. i have had chocolate covered potato chips. they’re fantastic. >> i bet they would be good in ice cream. i would go for that. >> all right. who else? >> i put on a tub of cookie dough. >> that’s what you’ve got right here. that’s a tub. >> sappedy said banana, coconut almond crunch. you can still comment. the most p



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