Fa La La Low Fat Eggnog

Bartender Kim Waddington of Cowesett Inn shows viewers how to make the holiday drink “Fa La La Low Fat Eggnog.”
coming guys. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> we’ re celebrating the holidays and these are our 12 drinks of christmas. on the fourth day of christmas, our true love gives us to us a non-alcoholic drink for your parties.ie kim is here and we are here to make fala. >> low fat eggnog. >> show me how toho make it. >> first we’re going to start off with 4 ounces of our low fat eggnog , mix in 2 ounces of pineap ple juice and do about a half ounce of ginger bread syrup. >> ginger bread syrup, that’s interesting. >> gives it a festive flavor. >> we’ll stir that upp and pure it into — pour it into our wine glass. >> awesome. i see there’s a little wedge of pineapple in there as well. >> yes. >> i’m going to give this a taste. i love eggnog. >> that is awesome. you serve thiser both as an alcoholic beverage andge non-alcoholic beverage and you say cardi’s, half off your first drink, right? >>



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