Extreme Burritos Make It Big!

Find out why comedian, Cleto Rodriguez, and some local burritos are making it big on the Food Network.
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” earlier we had kleto taking on a very large 7-pound burrito part of an extreme challenge, at marianitos. marianetos — >> marianitos. >> that’s what i said, and you are still standing but you didn’t do a very good job. >> i’m trying to breathe, and i ate like three, four pounds — >> you know what you did? you moved a lot of stuff around, just like my kids — >> you got to taste this — >> so this is what it looks like when it comes to you at the restaurant — >> yes. >> it’s 7 pounds of burrito, and tell me the story, the food network came by with their show called outrageous foods. >> they go around the country looking for the most outrageous food, and marianitos are famous for their extreme foods, and they have a baby grizzly which is 16 inches long that i had before this one — not today, but earlier and they also have a 12-inch but they also



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