Extra Large Vanilla Cupcake Cake

We’re cooking an Extra Large Vanilla Cupcake Cake in the kitchen with Chef Amanda Bryan from It’s My Party Bake Shoppe.
in the kitchen making the world’s big of the cupcake.up >> it’s amanda bryanma from it’ss my party bake shoppe on goat island in new port.or >> not on goat island. on williams street. down in newport. >> and you’re going to gel us about thisouis cupcakes are cool, but a cupcake on steroids. how does this work? >> we start with ourur ingredients, we cream butter and sugar, t hen we w add the eggs, s, flour,r, buttermilk and there’s baking powder and vanilla andla finish it off with our frosting, which is just basic, it’s butter, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk. s this is the finished product, this is for halloween and this one i e did, it’s my party colors, cupcakes in black and white. >> team colors. look at that. is that halloween? i could try, right? that’s just the decorationping and the little one is over there. >> yes, there’s halloween and tomorrow, we’re opening and we’re going t



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