Extending Holiday Leftovers

Extending holiday leftovers
and in this case extending our holiday meal and leftovers into other places. >> you hit it on the nose. breakfast, lunch and dinner here. i will jump into breakfast about how to use the leftovers. >> i don’t know — it looks like a benedict, eggs benedict. >> you got it. >> is that a stuffing? >> a stuffing cake. i can’t do it traditional. i have to do it my own way. we made hash cake out of griddled — we took left over meat, spinach, poached egg, and your version of a benedict. with a twist. >> mushroom gravy on top to give it that nice flavor to push around on the plate. such a great idea. ryan i feel like you had this plan up your sleeve and you knew you were going to take your leftovers to these other inspired places. >> you got it exactly. think a couple of days in advance when shopping for the holidays. grab the extra cheese, bread, broth. i love to use 100% natural swanson chicke



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