Express Meals

Do you want to prepare a homemade meal during the week in less than 30 minutes? Kitchen coach Jennifer Bushman will give her top tips to help plan, prepare and execute an effortless and enjoyable homemade meal.
>>> and welcome to the show. i know how its. you plan to make this great dinner but it is 5:00 and you are zapped. quick and easy stuff that also tastesood. meet jennifer bushman author of the popular kitch coach series. she has ways to prepare dinner in 30 minutes or less. will you see itn a second. >> sometimes even ls. >> thank you for having me. great to have you. >> we will start with the wine, right. >> we are. >> the idea is to have pantry items can you keep on hand and who doesn’t want to come home and have a glass of wine. the tip is whyot have your house wine with a case of red and white. this is a delicious wine from california called the naked grape. they produce this and you can buy it $9. there’s a pinot griggioo. it goes with everything. vegetables, appetizers. nice to keep auto hand and piano noir. and it bridges meats and potatoes. >> where can you find naked gray? >> th



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