Food expiration dates
during tough economic times, no one wants to waste money by throwing out good food.but our sharia davis dicovered after talking to a local safety expert that the date on the package is just one factor. she’s live to explain how you can make food last longer.with the exception of baby formula, baby food and over the counter drugs, no food manufacturing company is required to put an expiration date, a sell or use by date on their product.most companies do it mainly for quality purposes. norma warejko (wore-a-co) says when she shops for groceries she looks at the sell by and use by dates on her items. sometimes she uses the product after those dates have passed, but she’s more cautious using something past the expiration date.22357 if it was an expiration date on a canned good i would not use it.22601 if you keep it in the frid for a couple of days i think you can eat it.and one specialist



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