Expensive Crawfish

Expensive Crawfish
you have a pretty good feast, if you like seafood. i’m talking about crawfish and the price of these crustacians has been up. “crawfish is very short at the beginning of the season, it’s very hard to get them and the price is high.” nham ngyen owns cody seafood. he’s been open for three years now and has never seen the price of crawfish go up this much. “they said the reason is because of the hurricane last year and it’s damaged a lot of their ponds so that’s why they didn’t have alot.” ngyen orders his crawfish from louisiana and says word from his distributor is things will pick up soon. standup: there has been some relief in crawfish prices ngyen says within the past week, this week the price for a pound is $2.29 per pound, a difference of 50 cent from last week. ngyen says he will be continuing to watch prices because that will affect how much he orders. “we order less, because peopl



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