Exotic Salad

Exotic salad
dish easy to make. >> we have a delicious recipe for a salad you can make at home. we have chef mavro all of the way from hawaii. thank you for joining us. >> mushroom salad — >> this one is from hawaii, and it is a beautiful mushroom. >> look how beautiful those are. >> beautiful and they smell fantast st. >> okay. >> i have a salad, gaic, and i slice — >> traditional olive oil here. >> yes, olive oil, of course, d two — to enhance the flavor of the mushroom. i just use the tip for the salad and i use everything else — a mix of onion and olive oil of course. i will saute everything together. >> you sauteed this for two minutes. >> two minutes, you can smell the — >> great. what do we do next? >> what i do, you know when i do dosalad, season — season the salad, and i take the seasoning, which is just olive oil — >> your favorite. >> thank y so much, chef mavro. >> thank you very m



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