Everyone Should Be Italian At Least Once A Year!

La Festa Italiana fill the set with the good smell of Italian cooking.
>> and there is a festival this weekend and raymond scheineaker. how did this get started in. >> it started in the 80s with a group of family members who wanted to keep their heritage alive and keep their recipes alive. >> tell us about some of the activities that people can participate. >> well, we have band and there is bocce ball and we have all kind and talk about what we have on this spread here. you will make some shrimp scampi and you want to get this started as we go here? >> sure. what is the key here? >> well, i’ll put some butter in the pan and i have some olive oil. i have fresh shrimp. let’s keep that going a little bit. >> yes. we have a fruit stick and we have tomato, basil which goes on the bruschetta bread and we have a tomato and mozzarella salad and we have something that came from the rotella family. there is nothing that comes close. >> that is right. and also spaghe



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