Everglades Seafood Festival / February 4-6, 2011

www.evergladesseafoodfestival.comnFEBRUARY 4-6, 2011nIn Historic Everglades City on the First Weekend in February
country fair but beter. it will feature live music with big names and fresh, delicious seafood. i’m talking about the everglade seafood festival going on this friday, saturday and sunday. here with the fresh inside scoop is chef bobby miller owner of the oyster house restaurant also in everglade city. good morning. >> good morning. how you doing today? >> i’m excited about the seafood festival. this is huge. >> it is a big event down in everglade city. biggest event of the year for us. >> how many years has this ben going on? i’m assuming it keeps getting bigger and biger. >> they say it started in the ’30s but the records have been september since 1973. this is the 38th year. >> i want to show this picture. this is how it all started or some of the earlier years. >> this is when it originally started out at the firehouse. they had mullet fry, shrimp, they did the coking for the whole fe



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