Etiquette And The Library

Corina and Karen show Mike some dinner etiquette lessons.
number, belinda. >> i’m a little scared. >> mike, we’ll send it over to you. you better be careful, mary, you’ve got your work cut out for you. >> with the code of behavior and with our technical vices are we really that in tune with etiquette? we are happy to welcome ms. arzborne from claire’s closet and ms. barry. thanks for being here. this — this isn’t just for teens but adults could use reminders, too, czech? >> yes. >> we’ve got the setup. what are we going to be talking about today? >> this say formal table setting compared to aye base quake table at the time o setting. >> so this would be more like a formal set something. >> correct. this would be like a formal setting and this would be if you are having an occasion, prom maybe you are going out for a business meeting and you’ll be confronted to this. would you know how to use it? >> i know you start from the outside and you wor



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