Esplendor Resort At Rio Rico

Set among rolling mountains, overlooking the lush green Santa Cruz River Valley and amid centuries of history, you’ll find Esplendor Resort and Rio Rico Country Club. It’s a one-of-a-kind resort destination in Southern Arizona.
will. >>> well, if playing around golf, relaxing by the pool and getting away from the hustle and bustle as you understand like the perfect get-away for you escape to rio rico. >> you’ll enjoy the resort at rio rico. >> greg and jeff are here. welcome to the show. those of our viewers who don’t know much about the resort. tell us about it. >> it is a destination resort located 45 minutes south of tucson, which is closer actually drive time than many of the north resorts because of traffic. it has a trent joness senior golf course. that is the beautiful tree lined golf course you used to dream about, not one of the desert courses, awesome. the hotel was remodeled in 2004-2005 and designed to reflect the ambience and the culture of thehtsq=nuy2 it. very unique resort. >> and chef prepared cuisine as well. >> chef prepared cuisine. >> what are we looking here. >> this is the cheese steak. i



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