Escape From The Daily Stresses At The Grind

This restaurant features American fare.
be and relax. >> somebody call me and we can have a pool party or something. >>> let’s get things started with food as we often do here on this show, the taste of americana drenched with a relaxing place where you can escape from the grind. tory garcia is taking us to a neighborhood spot where the name frankly does it all. >> get away from the daily grind. we do specialize in burgers made fresh. come inside, relax. it’s kind of a small, a lot of windows in here, relax. really wanted to be a neighborhood bar with great food. really specialize in fine dining and upscale foods, so i like to bring those techniques and put them into something very simple. we want to bring that very high end technique. you won’t see a bunch of gourmet fancy things, very straightforward. fantastic what we go for. all about the thousand degrees of separation which represents our ovens that we had custom made for



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